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      瀏覽: 發布日期:2019-11-05
      一、   用   途
      1. Application
      This equipment is mainly used for biscuit glazing working section in the two times of domestic ceramics firing. It could complete the working procedure in order, including blank transmission, biscuit preheating, surface glaze spraying, drying after glazing and blank cooling. Chain synchronous drive is used in transmission of glazing line and the speed is adjustable. City gas (or other fuel gas) direct firing is used for heating.
      二、   技術參數
      II. Technical parameters
      1、型        號:
      2、產        量:          30~65件/min
      Output: 30~65 pieces/min
      3、最大回轉直徑:          254 mm
      Maximum rotating diameter: 254 mm
      4、工   位   數:          129
      Number of working station: 129
      5、施 釉  方 式:          噴釉
      Glazing method: Glaze spraying
      6、鏈條運行速度:          9-20m/min
      Chain operation speed: 9-20m/min
      7、噴釉用壓縮空氣壓力:    0.2-0.4 Mpa
      Compressed air pressure for glazing: 0.2-0.4 Mpa
      8、燃 料  種 類:          用戶自選
      Type of fuel: selected by users
      9、裝 機  功 率:          20kw
      Installed power: 20kw
      10、總       重:   
      Total weight:      
              11、外型尺寸: 長×寬×高
      External dimension: length×width×height      
      三、   結構與工作原理
      III. Structure and working principle
      Primary motion of blank of glazing line is composed of main driving box, bracket, chain, rack and slave driving box. Main driving is infinitely variable speed transmission and the tightness of chain is adjustable. Blank glazing is composed of preheating, glaze spraying, drying and cooling. Glaze spraying is carried out during continuous moving of blank. In order to get a better glazing effect, adapt to different product specifications and ensure the even thickness of glaze, some auxiliary motions such as preheating driving, glaze spraying driving and drying driving are designed at different working stations. In order to ensure the cleanliness of bracket part and prevent the bonding or accumulation of glaze and the influence on glazing quality, cleaning part and cleaning driving part are designed. In order to sufficiently recover glaze and control working environment pollution, wet dust extraction device is designed to ensure that exhaust gas emission reaches the standard. The on line and off line of blanks shall be completed by workers manually. Glazing line is equipped with electrical control part, and alarm device and emergency stop button are provided at both ends of on line and off line. The structural design of this device fully reflects the safety, reliability, convenience and environmental protection.